Whether it’s reunions, celebrations, or retreats, we believe in making lifelong memories on our private cruise ships. From the moment you step on board, you’ll find your worries dissipate and for the next few days, all that’ll matter is what lies beyond the horizon.
On each private charter cruise, we bring together the perfect mix of adventure and luxury in the world’s most remote destinations. Whether you’re in search of East Indonesia’s most sought-after snorkeling sites, the Galapagos Islands‘ best hiking trails, incredible wildlife spotting in the Amazon, or an all-encompassing cultural sail along the Mekong with bike rides, temple visits, and daily indulgence into the region’s best cuisine, this is an opportunity to make all your travel dreams a reality.
Our team of expedition consultants will work closely with you to curate an itinerary full of bespoke experiences. We take pride in crafting moments to give you stories you’ll be telling for years to come. Look forward to action-packed cruise excursions focusing on nature and wildlife, local culture, world-class dining, and the luxuries only found in the finest of hotels.
Read on to learn more about journeying with us into the Peruvian Amazon, the Galapagos Islands, the East Indonesian Archipelago, or the Mekong river – all from the comfort of your very own private charter cruise.
Private Charter Cruise
Private Charter Cruise

No matter the occasion – a special getaway, corporate trips, or even reunions – contact us to customize your once-in-a-lifetime journeys on our private cruise ship.

What makes Aqua Expeditions’ private cruise ships the ultimate setting for your crewed charter voyages?

All-inclusive programs
All-inclusive programs
Our private charter cruise itineraries range from three to fourteen nights. This includes world-class dining experiences by renowned chefs, twice daily off-board excursions, use of top-of-the-line sports equipment, laundry service (for selected ships), group transfers, and all the comforts to ensure a carefree planning process and relaxing trip.
Ample personal and social spaces
Ample personal and social spaces
Aboard an Aqua Expeditions private cruise ship, find several interconnecting suites that enable one suite to expand into a larger communal living space for families. A diverse array of social areas such as game rooms, spacious lounges, spa facilities, exercise rooms, jacuzzis, and infinity pools are perfectly suited for both mingling and going solo.
Tailor-made experiences
Tailor-made experiences
Aqua Expeditions’ ability to offer a bespoke luxury vacation experience is what truly sets us apart. Enabled by the limited capacity of each private cruise ship and exclusive 1:1 personalized service, Aqua’s expert team will be on hand to customize every aspect of your charter; from adapting menus to fit individual dietary requirements to prioritizing the activities which your group enjoys the most.
Small group excursions
Small group excursions
Our itineraries on our private cruise ships offer a variety of engaging activities ranging from biking, kayaking, trekking and snorkeling excursions to on-board cooking classes, guide lectures, and movie nights. We lead small-group excursions of no more than eight to 12 guests per guide in all our destinations. Every adventure from diving in Raja Ampat, hiking through the lava fields of Galapagos, visiting Buddhist temples by the Mekong, to spotting anacondas in the Amazon is intimate and compelling.

Private Cruise Charter on Aqua Mekong – Cambodia & Vietnam

    • Amenities: Observation decks with sunbeds, outdoor top-deck plunge pool with private cabanas, top-deck gym, spa, library and games room, and cinema.
    • Cabins: 20 elegant design suites with full-length windows to the spectacular, ever-changing Mekong scenery.
    • F&B: An odyssey into local flavors crafted by Michelin-starred Consulting Chef David Thompson. The ship’s bar menu, created by renowned spirit experts and cocktail designers Proof & Co, echoes a similar locally-minded philosophy.

    Why Aqua Mekong?

    Culture and civilisations have flourished around great rivers throughout history, and the Mekong is no exception. Our private cruise charter along the Mekong is a true immersion into the rich culture and traditions with exclusive excursions limited to 10 guests per guide.
    Cruise along the Mekong and pursue a glorious past, retracing significant human accomplishments and cultural highs. From the flourishing of the Khmer empire from the 9th to 15th century to the prominence of Theravada Buddhism in present-day Cambodia and Vietnam, this is one of the few cultural destinations on Earth that’s best explored on a river voyage.

Private Yacht Cruise on Aqua Blu – Indonesia, Komodo National Park, Spice Islands, Raja Ampat and West Papua

    • Amenities: Observation decks with day and lounge beds, jacuzzi, outdoor gym, indoor spa, and library and TV room.
    • Cabins: 15 elegantly designed, sea-facing suites with large windows.
    • F&B: An immersive culinary voyage inspired by the Indonesian archipelago, crafted by Bali-based Consulting Chef Benjamin Cross.

    Why Aqua Blu?

    Beyond Indonesia’s characteristic volcanic landscapes and colorful endemic wildlife, a cultural treasure trove of age-old traditions and well-preserved colonial-era relics await your discovery. Reconnect with family, friends, or colleagues on the pristine coastal waters of the Coral Triangle in the heart of Eastern Indonesia.
    Sail with us for the ultimate superyacht experience voyaging through Bali & Komodo National Park, the Spice Islands, Raja Ampat and West Papua. With 4 beautiful destinations and a myriad of adventures from village visits and wildlife treks to diving, kayaking, and snorkeling, you can personalize your Aqua Blu voyage to suit your preferred activities and islands.

Private Cruise Charter on Aria Amazon – Amazon River, Peru

    • Amenities: Observation deck, indoor lounge and bar, jacuzzi, massage room, and exercise room.
    • Cabins: 16 spacious suites – including 4 interconnecting suites – with floor-to-ceiling windows to the Amazon’s majestic river and rainforests.
    • F&B: The best of Peruvian cuisine with a comprehensive rainforest-to-table menu created by Consulting Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Peru’s most accomplished chefs known for using produce and ingredients from the Peruvian Amazon.

    Why Aria Amazon?

    Journeying into Earth’s largest rainforest, Aria Amazon’s explorers are ushered into Mother Nature’s Cradle of Life, which covers 40% of South America across nine countries. A journey into the selva (“jungle”), as the locals call it, is only possible by boat and is one of the most rewarding nature expeditions in the world.
    Aria Amazon is a private cruise ship custom-built to explore the Peruvian Amazon and the famed Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in peak comfort and luxury — with minimal impact to the delicate Amazon river and rainforest environment. Expect daily excursions conducted by our naturalist guides on our ergonomic fleet of private skiffs. Experience piranha fishing and immersive treks into the dense jungle in search of pink river dolphins, Amazon monkeys, and three-toed sloths.

Private Cruise Charter on Aqua Nera – Amazon River, Peru

    • Amenities: Observation decks with sunbeds, sun decks, indoor and outdoor bars, lounge, cinema room, billiards room, top-deck plunge pool, and spa room.
    • Cabins: 20 spacious Design Suites by award-winning architects Noor Design and tasteful accents and details from the rubber boom era and the colorful cultures of Portugal, Spain and Peru.
    • F&B: The cruise features cuisine by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Peru’s finest chefs who is celebrated for creating refined cuisine from native Amazonian produce.

    Why Aqua Nera?

    Setting a new standard for luxury river cruising on the Amazon, Aqua Nera draws design inspiration from the Peruvian Amazon’s mystical black water lagoons and bears the hallmarks of contemporary style and generous interiors that Aqua Expeditions’ cruise ships are known for.
    Sail into the Peruvian Amazon on Aqua Nera, one of our luxury private cruise ships, with experienced naturalist guides onboard and an intimate guide to guest ratio of 1:8, allowing for up-close wildlife sightings. After an exciting day, guests will find a range of social spaces to unwind aboard Aqua Nera – from plunge pools to cinema rooms and even a spa.

Private Yacht Cruise on Aqua Mare – Galapagos, Ecuador

    • Amenities: Sun deck with panoramic dining, lounge, outdoor barbecue, outdoor 6-person jacuzzi, workout area, panoramic lounge, lower deck swim platform, indoor panoramic beach club/movie room, and library.
    • Cabins: Seven large, sea-facing, Zuretti-designed suites, including an 80sqm Owner’s Suite.
    • F&B: An innovative fusion of South American Pacific coast flavors and Peruvian Nikkei style crafted by renowned Aqua Expeditions consultant chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino.

    Why Aqua Mare?

    Adventure into one of the world’s most exotic destinations characterized by unparalleled natural beauty, endemic wildlife, and rich history on our stunning private cruise ship. Setting a new standard for boutique luxury ocean expeditions in the region, Aqua Mare navigates a UNESCO World Heritage Site and explores its rich biodiversity with bespoke itineraries.
    As the first superyacht to sail the Galapagos Archipelago, Aqua Mare invites you on one of the greatest adventures of all time offering exceptional elegance and space. Wake up to spectacular views from the sun deck, unwind in the Galapagos Islands’ first-ever onboard ‘Beach Club’, soak up the warm Ecuadorian rays in the six-person jacuzzi, and admire the starlit skies with a cocktail on pleasant evenings.