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Aqua Expeditions is regularly featured by top travel journalists in the travel, culinary and news media. Read below the latest press and news media coverage about Aqua Expeditions – leading guests on luxury voyages on the world’s greatest rivers.

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“Camboya es un país que ha sufrido mucho después de décadas de guerra y dictadura. Sin embargo, no hay persona que no te reciba con una sonrisa y agitando la mano al aire para darte la bienvenida. Visitarlo es una experiencia que cambia la vida.”

Food and Travel Mexico October 2023

“Observar de cerca a los dragones de Komodo solo es posible en el Parque Nacional donde habitan. El yate de expedicion Aqua Blu te ofrece esta y otras experiencias, en su crucero de siete noches y ocho dias por Indonesia oriental, asegura Mariana Mendoza con entrevistas a Raul Sayrols y Carol Hanono.”

Jetset Magazine November 2023

“Few destinations capture our imagination like the Amazon rainforest, and nature walks there won’t disappoint anyone whose spirit calls them to the wilder corners of the planet.”

Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report October 2023

“With its contemporary silhouette and sleek tones of gray and white, the Aqua Mare looked quite striking as we approached by tender. Greeted by our cruise director with glasses of fresh fruit juices and cool towelettes, we entered the grand, panoramic main lounge…”

Travel + Luxury October 2023

“A small-ship expedition cruise in the biodiverse waterways of the Peruvian Amazon blends wildlife encounters with next-lever pampering and award-winning cuisine.”

Urban Safari October 2023

An interview with Aqua Expeditions’ Founder and CEO, Francesco Galli Zugaro. 

Virtuoso Life September/October 2023

“A Galápagos sea lion swims off Santa Cruz Island and exploring a lava flow on Santiago Island, with Aqua Mare in the distance.”

Travel + Leisure August 2023

“Today’s passengers are seeking out innovative new ships and itineraries that deliver both convenience and quality of experience. With trips on two of the world’s most iconic rivers, the Amazon and the Mekong, Aqua stands out for its small vessels – none larger than 20 suites – and excellent cuisine.”

Spear’s Q3 2023

“I’m on a tender just off the coast of Rinca Island, East Indonesia. It’s just after sunrise. The water is clear enough to see the coral and sea life below. The surrounding scenery is lush and dense with trees and shrubs, despite the dry morning heat. It feels not just peaceful, but undiscovered. There’s a sense of stillness, which seems impossible to disturb.” 

Conde Nast Traveler Jul/Aug 2023

“‘Shh, listen to the symphony.’ This is the instruction issued by our guide, Neycer Pizango, who has cut the engine of our skiff. Striving to be a good student, I sit as still as I can and tilt my head up toward the forest canopy. An echo of chattering macaws cracks through the rattle of the cicadas.” 


“It’s early morning and the sky is lowering a grey curtain over the peaks of Rinca Island as our tender boat bumps across the bay towards a deserted beach. There are no other vessels to be seen, no winking lights of habitation on the shore. A lone raptor patrols overhead but there is no birdsong. It feels wild and unexplored in this corner of the eastern Indonesian archipelago and who knows what the clouds are concealing in those forested hills.” 

Qantas Magazine June 2023

“On the Mekong River, Alison Boleyn glimpses Cambodian traditions close to lost and gets to party with an eclectic mix of travellers.”

BOAT International June 2023

‘Unpredictable, remote, extraordinary – most people would agree that the Amazon River is a bucket-list trip of a lifetime. But is it still a no-sail area for superyachts? Tristan Rutherford investigates’

Luxury Traveller April 2023

“As CEO and Founder of luxury small ship cruise company Aqua Expeditions, Francesco Galli Zugaro talks about his thirst for soft adventure, his love for Italy and appreciating life’s special moments through slow travel. As told to Katrina Holden.”

Asia Pacific Boating Spring Summer 2023

“Aqua Expeditions founder and CEO Francesco Galli Zugaro has just added a second superyacht to his charter fleet. He talks with Asia-Pacific Boating about life after Covid and his plans for the future.”

Porthole Cruise & Travel June 2023

“As we pried the lid off our post-pandemic bucket of travel dreams, the off-the-radar destination of Raja Ampat rose to the top. When we mentioned the region to our friends as our next adventure, puzzled looks gave way to, ‘Where and what is that?'”

Departures March 2023

“I came to the Galapagos Islands for one reason: to mingle with animals in one of the most remote ecosystems on Earth. This made experiencing the archipelago’s 13 major islands by boat the obvious choice, and I was lucky enough to do so aboard Aqua Mare, the newest addition to the Aqua Expeditions fleet of luxury vessels.” 

Paris Match February 2023

“Le dernier bateau d’Aqua Expeditions permet de concilier confort et aventure. Et de serpenter parmi les meandres du plus long fleuve du monde a la decouverte d’une jungle quasi immaculee.”

The Weekend Australian Travel + Luxury January 2023

“The rules of engagement are clear in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands: Don’t touch the wildlife and keep a distance of at least 2m. That’s easier said than done in a biodiversity hotspot where the animals have little fear of human interlopers.” 

WORLD Magazine Summer 2022

“Tricia Welsh meets spectacular wildlife above and below the waves on a five-star expedition cruise among Indonesia’s remote and magical islands.” 

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