Aqua Mekong Sun Deck


The best small ship luxury cruises epitomize intimacy, relaxation, satisfaction, and ultimately, a personalized experience. With specially curated experiences and an engaging 1:1 guest to guide ratio, Aqua Expeditions’ boutique vessels offer bespoke service along with spacious social spaces and tailor-made excursions.


Since the very beginning, it has been Aqua Expeditions’ mission to take guests on intimate, small ship luxury cruises to distant parts of the world. Now with a fleet of five vessels, we continue to demonstrate the advantages of small explorer vessels in bringing families and friends together, on travels to the remote Galapagos Islands, the Peruvian Amazon, the Mekong River in Southeast Asia, and the pristine coastal waters of Eastern Indonesia.


Venture into unspoiled sanctuaries on our small ship ocean cruises to witness the beauty of nature, wildlife, and foreign culture, as you sail to remote destinations with minimized human interaction, secluded from the tourist crowds.


Luxury Small Ship Cruises in Indonesia


Indonesia is home to some of the most magical spots, some truly experienced only by the waters. Both tourist favorites and hidden island gems await explorers, with natural wonders and mesmerizing beauty only accessible by small ship ocean cruises that can perfectly navigate the Indonesian seas.


To make the most of your experience amid these natural wonders, the best small ship ocean cruises approach destinations at a closer distance, presenting better opportunities for stunning views and on-shore excursions.


Aqua Blu


The highlight of luxury small ship cruises, especially in the vast seas of East Indonesia, are in their safety standards, customized experiences, and state-of-the-art architecture. Inside the five-deck, 15-suite Aqua Blu, Dutch yacht design maestro Cor D. Rover has tastefully paired a brass-and-ivory interior theme with generous and inviting indoor and outdoor social spaces, including a sun deck showing 360-degree views of the East Indonesian archipelago.


Aqua Blu Day Beds


Grab a book and lay on our lounge daybeds, or give our custom-made jacuzzi a whirl after your excursions.


Small Ship River Cruises on the Mekong


Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to conquer some of the mightiest waters on earth? The life-giving waters of the Mekong are one of the most attractive cruise destinations for intrepid explorers and culture vultures.


Aqua Mekong Skiff Ride


With small ship river cruises, it is all about exploring the shores alongside flowing waters, and understanding indigenous or local experiences. Small ships are the perfect way to get the most immersive adventure into the life, culture, and diversities of countries like Cambodia and Vietnam.


With the limited number of people onboard at each departure, guests develop a one-of-a-kind intimate connection with each destination. They do so by learning more about the cultures and interacting with locals thanks to the help of a team of expert guides on board, who are also locals of the region.


Small Ship River Cruises on the Amazon


An Amazon river cruise is possibly the most rewarding nature expedition in the world. Journeying into Earth’s largest rainforest, the explorer is ushered into Mother Nature’s Cradle of Life. A voyage into the mystical Amazon River is best done through small ship river cruises.


Aria Amazon


The Amazon rainforest houses the world’s largest and most diverse collection of plant and animal life. It is ‘home sweet home’ for more than one-third of all recorded animal species in the world.


Amazon Wildlife


To reap the most rewards out of a river cruise journey into the Peruvian Amazon, cruise with our experienced naturalist guides onboard. A keen eye and mountains of experience are needed to navigate challenging terrain and help guests spot wildlife. Amazon boat tours and small ship river cruises that conduct small-group excursions are the most preferred way as lesser human presence often leads to more up-close wildlife sightings.


Aqua Nera


The best Amazon small ship luxury cruises also enable the comfort and opulence required for safe and adventurous navigation through the beautiful Amazonian wilderness.


Luxury Small Ship Cruises on the Galapagos


Reward yourself with the adventure of a lifetime in the islands born of fire – the Galapagos archipelago. Consisting of over 100 islands and little islets, each island offers a different landscape, from mountainous terrains scattered with shield volcanoes and lava fields, arid zones covered with endemic cacti, to beautiful white-sand beaches and turquoise waters.


Galapagos Island


What really sets the Galapagos truly apart is its remarkable levels of endemic wildlife and plant life, more than anywhere else in the world. Nearly 80 percent of land birds and mammals, over 90 percent of reptiles, more than 30 percent of plants and around 20 percent of marine life are native to the Galapagos Islands.




In addition, the Galapagos Islands’ marine reserve is one of the largest and most biologically diverse in the world. Every day, Aqua Mare guests will embark on snorkeling excursions to see the region’s marine life. The waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands are home to a variety of sea creatures including species of sharks, rays, reef fish, and occasionally, even whales!


With so much to discover on each island, both on land and sea, there’s really no better way to explore the Galapagos Islands than on small ship ocean cruises that are able to navigate the Ecuadorian seas.


Why Go on Luxury Small Ship Cruises?


Personalized Service and Ultimate Luxury

Aqua Blu Romantic Dining

With a maximum capacity of 30-40 guests per voyage, this allows for a tailor-made experience Aqua Expeditions is renowned for. Traveling as a couple or in a smaller group allows you to enjoy the peace and wonders of each destination while getting a personalized experience in luxurious accommodation. Our exclusive 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio and adventures customized to each of our guests’ preferences ensures no two voyages are the same here at Aqua Expeditions.


Authentic Adventure and Cultural Experiences


Komodo Island


Perfectly crafted adventures combined with cultural immersion to each destinations’ rich history and heritage, ensure meaningful experiences on every journey with Aqua Expeditions. Traveling to remote destinations for the finest unspoiled locations, our small explorer vessels bring you deeper: sample delicious local dishes at a Peruvian jungle ranger station or watch legendary Komodo dragons in their natural habitat.


Gourmet cuisine crafted by world-renowned chefs


Gourmet cuisine crafted by world-renowned chefs


Each of our luxury small ship cruises feature innovative menus created by our award-winning consulting chefs for each destination. Anchored by a locally-sourced approach to ingredients, our signature dishes encapsulate the taste of the region you’re sailing in.


Commitment to Health & Safety


Aqua Blu crew


Small ship luxury cruises prove to be one of the best ways to cruise, with its limited capacity and ample safe physical distancing. The health and safety of our guests are our top priority. Each of our ships carries a Health and Safety Officer, whose responsibility is the wellbeing of each crew and guest, as well as the proper compliance and implementation of safety standards. Our vessels are cleaned and sanitized three times a day, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene.